It’s Good to be Free

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Freedom is precious and it seems to become more and more valuable each day. Our forefathers fought hard for us to have freedom, and as a result, we are blessed to live in a free land.

As the Fourth of July comes around, and we are able to reflect on the privileges that come with being an American, it often leaves us with a smile on our faces. Sure, things might not be as they once were, times have changed, the future leaves a lot of questions in our minds, but for just one day, we can celebrate the fact that we’re free.

In the day to day demands of running a ranch, handling cattle, and fixing all sorts of problems, we can get our noses so close to the ground that we forget to look up and gain perspective. This special day, this Fourth of July, we hope that you’ll find the time to step back and thank the Lord for allowing us the freedoms provided in this Country… the freedom to raise the meat we eat, the freedom to labor on the land, the opportunity to work and sweat and earn a living, and the freedom to worship freely. These freedoms did not come cheap, and today we celebrate them gratefully.

Thank you for being part of the BeefCattle family.

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