New Year’s Resolution: A Ranch’s Purpose

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New Years’ Resolutions can bring about a number of thoughts for us.  We generally anticipate making changes - some are disciplined, and they follow through.  Others will make plans, but they will not make the necessary steps to act on the plan and follow through.  These resolutions have been happening for years and will continue this January 1st.

Have you ever considered making a New Year’s Resolution for your ranch?  With 90+ million head of cattle in the United States, there are plenty of caretakers that are tending to these animals, scattered on ranches through out the United States.  There are big operations, small operations, some run by corporations, some by the same families that have been in the business for over a century.  No matter the breed, the legacy of the ranch, the location of the ranch, or any other variable that you can come up with, there is one common thread that can benefit all of the ranches: purpose.

As this New Year approaches, would you be willing to define your ranch’s purpose?  Would you be willing to state what you and your ranch stand for?  Do the folks that are associated with your ranch know what that purpose is?  Are you great at what you do?  With so many variables that impact ranching, a ranch with a clear, precise purpose will often stand the test of time.

I hope that you are able to define your purpose this year, as well as define your ranch’s purpose.

Blessings in the New Year.

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