Appreciating the Little Things

BY Jay Henry | | Comments (0)

There are times when ranching seems to be all work, with very little enjoyment. Those times can tend to come during the winter, when you’re outside checking calves, putting out hay, and dealing with inclement weather. It’s the late nights when a heifer has her first calf, or you’re breaking ice over water troughs, or cutting twine from hay bales when you’re hands are numb, that make the cattle business seem like a lot of work. It is work – there’s no way around it. However, it’s being the first one to see a new life enter the world, watching a cow get to water, or smiling as a young calf pushes enthusiastically on a new hay bale that bring satisfaction. In my opinion, these little things are privileges of being a part of this industry that make the long days worth it.

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