Beef Shoulder Roast (Roast Beast!)

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    I am doing this for sammies. I probably would not have even posted had I not been inspired by Rienhard’s sirloin tip.

    I had bought some sliced roast beast from the grocery deli lately and it was 9.99/lb. I figured at 10.00/lb what did I have to lose. I bought this on sale specifically to make sandwich meat. I probably would have done my normal and just chunked it on the smoker and forgot it but I saw Reinhards post and thought WTheck why not give it a whirl. Don’t know if I ever injected beef or pork before coming to this site. Still seems sort of unnatural.(

    I got a beautiful roast on sale from the butcher. Realize two things, its sat in my reefer now already for 2 days, and I am not a photographers with a good camera.

    Let me introduce you to the meat, “Everyone, this is the meat! Meat, this is everyone!”

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