Beta A's

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    I would like to offer my two cents on BAs. I’m not sure why this is such a problem. People want to point the finger at the folks raising these steers on BAs but won’t say a word to the FDA for approving it. The FDA needs to step up for our industry and say they have tested, approved, and support the product and eliminate the concerns. I never understand why folks question the organization that approves the food that we eat!

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    Makes no sense…the product has been approved and is part of the reasons why we’re able to raise more pounds of beef on fewer animals. Instead of applauding the folks that work so hard at research and applauding innovation, we throw stones at it!

    Frustrating. However, I hope that good comes from this as we’re able to tell the correct story of the BAs

  3.  Robinson       Permalink

    I don’t really understand what these are… is there an explanation of Beta A’s somewhere?

  4.  Steve       Permalink

    Robinson – here is a link to an article from UW that is pretty well done and provides some good information.

    Hope this helps. . . .

    Best Regards,


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    Really appreciate it, Steve. The article definitely clarified my questions.

  6.  Sean       Permalink

    Any update on this? Why was this a hot topic and now it has gone away. I thought the results to this survey question were pretty interesting. Maybe the media recognized it wasn’t that big of a deal too and let it go…

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