Fence line weaning

  1.  Tim       Permalink

    I weaned my heifers along a fence this year as I have done in the past. I built a pen in between two pastures where I could allow calves to be next to two different sets of cows. I was very pleased with the results but my question is due to the timing of my weaning. I carried the calves for ~20 days longer than last year and am wondering if that had more to do with their success or a calmer environment. Would welcome any thoughts…

  2.  Robinson       Permalink

    I’ve weaned my calves along a fence for years… it’s always been good for me in terms of lower stress and continued gains. I haven’t heard any negative thoughts about fence line weaning, ever. I do think that carrying calves longer is good too though. I bet both things contributed to your success.

  3.  Steven       Permalink

    Just finished weaning my heifers on a fence and have really liked the practice. I wish I could get more cattle around my pens where I wean them but I can only keep two sets of cattle nearby. However, I feel like the calves personalities have an impact on the timing of the weaning. Some continue to fight for their momma’s milk and others seem to lose interest when there is work required to try and fight through fence to get some milk. Overall, I have really liked the health benefits as I believe it really eliminates stress.

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