Hoof Trimming

  1.  David       Permalink

    I have a 3 year old Bull whose hooves continue to cross over on his front feet. This does not seem to be a problem but it may be in the future. Any suggestions beside taking him to the Vet?

  2.  Steven       Permalink

    David, I have experienced this twice with my herd. The first time I didn’t do anything about it and I kept the bull. I started seeing this trait show up in my calves as they got a little age. I sold the bull because of it and it cleaned up the problem. The other time I had it occur was in a cow and I did have a friend file her feet down and it has never been a problem. I would suggest you really watch your calves and make sure the problem is not being passed down.

  3.  OK Rancher       Permalink

    I think thats good advice, S. My only experience with bad feet was after I ran my cattle on a bulk feeder. I think the feed was a little too hot and it really made their hooves grow. I backed them off the feed and had to file their feet down. I did have one bull on the bunk that was never sound afterwards. Other than that, I think everything else was fine. Definitely something that I’ll be way more cautious of going forward

  4.  David       Permalink

    Thanks for the advice, I will keep watching it and we have the first calves on the ground out of this bull who will be three in May. In the past we have trimmed hooves when we were showing cattle a few years back and it was not a problem since we had everything hattle broke, but when you have a non hattled 3 year old bull that is gentle there are not many easy options.

  5.  Sean       Permalink

    Sell him! I have cattle in rocky terrain and bad feet shut my bulls down. I do not know the land type that you operate in but that would make my bulls quit…hope yours doesn’t

  6.  OK Rancher       Permalink

    Quick trigger, Sean! I don’t think selling him is a bad option but if it were due to any feed issues like I experience, there might not be a need to sell a good bull. I’d file them and if it persists or comes back, then take him to town…

  7.  David       Permalink

    I plan on watching him over the next year and also to watch his offspring that have hit the ground so far. I have not seen this in any of the new calves and we have them anywhere from 4 months – 11 months so far.

  8.  OK Rancher       Permalink

    I trimmed my bulls feet this spring and in spite of Sean’s vote to sell him, I kept him and have really been pleased with his growth. He moves well and his feet have been fine. I think the breeder was feeding him a little hot and made his toes grow and after one trim, I feel like he is moving like a cat!

    I’ll continue to watch and hope this is resolved for good

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