Lessons Learned

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    The lessons we learn about life from being on the ranch are a special part of being involved in the cattle industry. We are starting this thread hoping to encourage conversation about some of the lessons you have learned through working with the animals and the land…

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    I recently read this post, and the timing was really applicable for me. I have a small operation and, over the past couple weeks, have been calving out my heifers. I had purchased a small set of heifers from a good breeder but did not know much about the bull they had been exposed to. As they began to calve, I ended up losing 2 calves, both over 100 lbs. I was really disappointed, and, as I contemplated what happened and sorted through my frustration, I chose to keep a grateful attitude for the healthy calves that we do have. I’m still disappointed but will choose to be thankful for the calves that are alive and well this morning!

    Thanks for the post, BC – I appreciate being able to voice my thoughts.

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    I recently learned a lesson…when your neighbor’s bull out weighs you more than 1500#, he’s not going anywhere: result, I need to move the cycling cattle in the pasture adjacent to him! He can move me and I cannot move him, and he is coming over if I don’t move my cows. I had a train wreck this weekend trying to keep him on his side. My neighbor was out of town and his bull was down wind from my cows.

    My wife had to play chaperone(with a hotshot) for awhile until I could get on my horse and push my cows into a pasture further away from him.

    Lesson learned, when they weigh 1700#, moving them isn’t an option!

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    Great discussion BC – there are so many lessons to be learned from both the land and the animals which have been entrusted to us. Right now for me, front center, is the incredible impact we have on not only our animals but “life” around us. And that impact is made by our attitudes, actions and words – impact which can be positive or negative. In the open pasture, sun shining down, wind blowing, I looked around as we were feeding out of our hands bulls, cows and new calves this past week. I was reminded of the investment we have made to get to this point of trust – the calm voice, the time just hanging around them, the gentle care we have given. They have responded by trusting us – even our big Hereford bull. So, the same is true in other areas of my life and is very good to remember. We need to be sowing good seeds in our lives with others (and with our animals)!

    Appreciate the question and it causing me to reflect.

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    I liked this post and have thought about it a few times. I had one more point I wanted to make. I have learned a lesson recently after being around a man who had been in the business alot longer than I have been. I know technology has helped us alot but the folks that ran cattle in this country a long time ago were resilient. They were hardy and I have learned to respect what they did, with more common sense than we operate with now it seems.

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