Minimizing the Weather Effect

  1.  Robinson       Permalink

    I have a small herd of Angus cattle in Texas, and we have had some unusually cold and wet weather recently. It has also fluctuated back and forth between freezing and moderate temperatures. I’ve noticed some of my cows and quite a few calves coughing after the cold, wet nights.

    Does anyone have ideas for what I can do ahead of time to prevent respiratory issues… when I know the freezing temperatures are coming?

  2.  Sean       Permalink

    I recently had a conversation about this and unfortunately, with this big swings, I’d say that having them healthy prior to is the best plan…second to that, I’d suggest having plenty of feed/hay out for them. Hungry cattle translate into sick cattle. Thats my two cents

  3.  Robinson       Permalink

    Thanks, Sean. I think that’s good advice. When you put out hay in the colder months, do you ever find that your cattle end up using it for bedding and it starts to get a little sloppy? It has made me wonder if it ends up transferring bacteria and actually contributing to sickness..

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