New to ranching

  1.  Robert       Permalink

    I am wanting to purchase cows and have been watching prices for about two years. I have talked to many ranchers and all have said “I would not buy any cows right now.” My question is : should I go ahead and buy live cattle instead of feeder or vise versa? I want to get started but not sure if I am making the right choices to purchase now. All comments welcome.

  2.  Josh       Permalink

    If you want to start you might as well get started. I would agree that right now prices are high but when are they going down? There is not a person around that can tell you what the market will do tomorrow, if they could they would be rich beyond imagination. I just started myself about a year ago when everyone was paying 2 bucks a pound for feeders, I decided to go the bred cow route and never paid more than 1.375 a pound for anyone and all have been able to calve on there own with live calves, lucky. No time like the present to get started in something you want to do, sure isn’t a get rich quick plan so either way it will take some time to recupe your investment.

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