News Article: Rio Grande Water

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    This is a challenging issue and we encourage folks to get involved. These are water rights that are crucial to the farmers and ranchers in the Rio Grande Valley.

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    I’m not from that part of the country but know we get alot of food from the Valley, for both the state and the country.

    This is ridiculous. Keep you end of the bargain, Mexico!

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    I was upset when I read this last week, does anyone have an update on this?

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    We are diligently working to provide the most current information for you regarding this issue. We appreciate your concern for these Water Rights and will do our best to keep you informed. We are stronger as an industry when we all battle in the same direction.

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    Incredible! So who makes up the IBWC anyway? Sorry for my ignorance on the subject, but I just am not familiar with any of this and I find it absolutely amazing that no action has been taken until the valley is in this sort of crisis. Thanks BC for raising awareness of this important situation. I wonder if there are ways that we can contact IBWC to express our concerns . . .

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    The State of Texas is actively working to resolve this issue and fight for the rights that are due Texas Citizens. There is a link and a portion of the site the State of Texas has dedicated to this issue. Please visit the link for more information:

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    Thanks a lot for the link and information – very informative, and I am glad to see the state actively working to resolve the issue.

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    The State of Texas has introduced a Bill to address the Mexico water obligations.

    Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples said, “Texas is facing a critical water crisis, and we need Mexico to live up to its agreement and deliver the water to which our landowners and cities are entitled, I appreciate Sen. John Cornyn, Sen. Ted Cruz, Rep. Mike Conaway and Rep. Filemon Vela for sponsoring this legislation and fighting to obtain the water needed to continue the success of agriculture, communities and businesses in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. We need a swift commitment by our federal government to insist Mexico releases the water belonging to the United States, and this legislation will provide some accountability in the process. This is not just a matter of two countries fighting over water. That fight happened decades ago when Mexico and the United States negotiated bi-national water management agreements. Now we need Mexico to comply with the agreed-upon deal.”

    Here is the link to the legislation,

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    Here is the latest insight from the State of Texas regarding the impact of the water issue on the economics of the State.


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