Organic vs Traditional

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    I have started using Organics this year mainly due to costs. With the research of the organics vs traditional fertilizers I have put down organic at a cost range of $18 – $22 per acre for a 40 acre experiment this year. If I had gone with traditional fertilizer the cost range was $55 – $60 per acre and from what I am seeing it is more benefical long term. My reseach is the same as what the articles are saying that this website has been offering. Treat the soil not the grass and air!

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    I’m very curious what you used and what you mean by organics. That is a huge savings and you have me very curious…don’t know where you are located but when your grass gets started, I’d love to know the results

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    We live outside of Brenham, Texas. We use a product called Grow-Bac which is processed fish, and a Seaweed Tea. Also about 1 Oz. Garlic Oil per gallon to chase the Grasshoppers away. I’m getting ready to spray for weeds with the blessings of the recent rains.
    With nitrogen fertilizers running about $550 per ton it’s just too expensive for me to put down 200-250# per acre!

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    Thanks for the follow up. I hope it works well for you…when you feel like you have a determination on the effects of product, I’d appreciate the feedback

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    David, I would be curious to know how the organic fertilizer has worked for you so far this year…

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    Sorry I have been out of the country and have not been on the website for a while.
    I am very please with what I am seeing. The grass is thicker than before even in the drout that we are experiencing this summer. I had toyed with putting 100 lbs per acre of N2 out when I put weed spray in about a month ago but was afraid of getting no rain. Well it rained a couple of days later and everything greened up and the grass really was growing. I have talked with other people in my area and a very large ranch told me that they have been using organics on over 1000 acres for the past 8 years with total success. I will try to stay connected since I am back.

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    Thanks for the feedback – I like the thought of building my soil, and will continue to explore the organic route.

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