The 3 C’s

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    The Beef Quality Assurance recommends that cattle producers remember the “3 C’s” in discussions with beef consumers. The 3 C’s are: we care about the same issues you do; we are capable of raising safe beef while caring for the animals and the environment; and we are continuously improving to meet your expectations. We believe incorporating the 3 C’s into your conversations and interactions with consumers will be beneficial to your operation as well as the industry as a whole. We would enjoy hearing any thoughts on the topic…

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    I was at an event and BQA had representatives there. I heard the 3 Cs for the first time and they stuck with me…of the three, I believe the one that we do the poorest job of as a community is communicating that we are ‘continuously improving to meet your expectations.’ Whether its true or not, I believe we are portrayed as the people that haven’t caught up with the rest of society and we’re stuck in grandpa’s ways…seems we have not been given credit for all the things we have done to improve and adapt

    I’m really proud of grandpa’s ways!

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    Glad you brought up the 3C’s. I would have to agree with Sean on the C that we as an industry have not done too good of a job on. I have often asked myself what we could do to improve that perception the general public seems to have. I would welcome others thoughts on how we might change that. Because I know that our operation and many others truly are dedicated to improving, to growing in our knowledge of how to do things better and deliver better quality.

    Thanks for opening up a discussion on this – we need to come together and explore and share.

    Appreciate you guys!

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