Welcome to BeefCattle.com!

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    Welcome – we’re excited about our new site and hope you find it to be a useful resource and tool! We look forward to hearing any thoughts or questions you might have for us…

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    I’ve had fun looking around the site today. Glad to see some new and interesting pieces out there, like the Behind the Gates on 44 Farms – excellent! I look forward to coming here regularly.

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    like the site.

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    Thank you, Sean and L Robinson. We’re excited you found our site on the first day. Please come back as we continue to grow the site.

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    I am just getting familiar with the site and looking around – nice. I’m already learning and getting inspired with new ideas. It’s really good to see substantive articles, current news, and rich media related to the industry. I look forward to seeing the forum develop. Great site and best wishes to you guys. I’ll be back often.

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    Great looking site from my mobile. Thanks for developing this resource. I’ll definitely be back.

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    My goodness, this is a wonderful site. What a great idea to give followers a place to interact, ask questions and share ideas. I’m pumped!!

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    Thank you all so much for your positive feedback on the site! Our goal is to continue to provide you with the best content possible. Stay tuned as we prepare to post the next Global Perspective from the continent of Africa. The nationals keep their cattle in a ‘boma’ – any guesses on which country it might be?

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    Great guess, Nancy! Yes – Kenya is the country we will be featuring in our next Global Perspective. We hope you all enjoy learning about the cattle industry in Kenya. Please let us know if you have any input or questions that arise as you read the feature…

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    The Global Perspective on Kenya is now up – we hope you enjoy learning about the cattle industry in this African country. We thank Dr. Sammons for sharing his time and experiences with us.

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